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Music Canada Supports Referral of C-11 to Committee

Music Canada Supports Referral of C-11 to Committee

Toronto, February 8, 2012: Music Canada is pleased to see 2nd reading on Bill C-11, The Copyright Modernization Act, drawing to a close so that the Bill can proceed to a Legislative Committee for review.

“Copyright reform has been discussed for well over a decade in Canada, with draft legislation put forward by not one, but two governments. The discussion has featured mammoth and unprecedented public consultations, town halls, round tables, submissions and testimony by hundreds of witnesses, many representing thousands of Canadians. And in this Parliamentary session we have heard from dozens of speakers. All this while jobs are lost and careers are damaged, some beyond repair. It is time to deal with this issue in committee where the important work will take place to refine the Bill in order to ensure it meets the government’s objectives of protecting creative industries, combating piracy and encouraging productivity and innovation in Canada's vital creative sector,” says Graham Henderson, President of Music Canada. “We look forward to a post enactment world, when the creative community can focus on rebuilding the marketplace, and when it will become clear that reports of the impending death of the internet were greatly exaggerated.”

Music Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Recording Industry Association, appeared before the legislative committee reviewing Bill C-32 along with artists Loreena McKennitt and Maia Davies and representatives of the Canadian Independent Music Association and the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations.

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