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My Liner Notes - Len Crispino - Verona Italy 1992

Liner notes appear on the sleeve of an album or CD case and contain a mix of anecdotal or factual information. They often reflect the artists’ personality and contain meaningful statements about the art or life issues. My Liner Notes is a regular feature on Music Canada that allows people of all walks of life to share personal reflections about music.

Musical Magic in Verona, Italy

"The year was 1992 on a beautiful summer evening. The place: The Arena in Verona Italy. The Performance that evening was Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida. As the performance started it appeared that the music was accompanying the bright full moon casting delightful shimmering shadows on the performance.

No microphones in this open Roman amphitheater—the voices and the music clear, crisp and magical. The day’s worries and concerns, so far away—just magic now! And when some 20 years later I think back in my memory, I still feel and sense the tranquility brought on by the music and performance. And when I visualize the music, the mental image of that Verona moon is as clear today as it was then—and it still transforms in a magical way".

Photo courtesy of: kevinpoh

Len Crispino is the President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Music Canada Editor: Have you been to a performance at Arena di Verona? Where in the world have you experienced a magical night of music?

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