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Notes from the Road - Maia Davies, Entry #4

The introspective hours of touring without an iphone

No matter how many books we bring on tour, interesting conversation topics we dream up, it seems as soon as the van starts rolling we are all glued to the changing by the minute diatribe of the all mighty Facebook. Or plotting our next big takeover with emails- or playing scrabble online. As entertaining as this may be, I'm starting to get worried. When my concerns with the disconnecting and dumbing down properties of technology meet my pure addiction to it, I am faced (daily) with my own hypocrisy. Alas, how to resist the sweet entertainment value of FB while on the long roads where my job takes me? How to return to a simpler time?

The answer is all too easy. Tour northern Quebec and other remote areas (as far as Labrador City) where there is absolutely no cell service for days on end. Such has been my fate for a week, consequently allowing me countless hours to reflect, relax, and even, yes, notice my surroundings. I've had the time to take in the stunning natural wonder of Quebec's North Shore, with its hundred indigo and sapphire lakes, ancient rocky cliffs and boreal forests; the openness of thought to picture what my life would be like living up here, with nature, in quiet towns where my mother grew up.
I've devoted energy to missing the people I care about, to realizing who is most important to me and why. I've meditated and explored new ways to get to know myself honestly. Scary as a world without Facebook may be, one where I am almost constantly faced with only myself and my perception of the real world, I would highly recommend the experience.

However, will my new found realization hold up in a place where the whole world is accessible once again through the magic of Apple? Time will tell. Maybe I should declare every Tuesday to be a no iphone/Facebook day. On those days I could read and write things longer than status update length, maybe take a walk, think about beautiful images and philosophical postulations; then maybe even talk to someone. In person.

Here's to thinking about it, out here on the road.

Maia always gives us something to think about.  Ladies of the Canyon are still touring Quebec and soon to be playing the Havelock Jamboree in Ontario.  Check out their tour dates.

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