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Billy Talent
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    Billy Talent

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    Dead Silence

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    Warner Music Canada

Notes from the Road - Jay Semko #3

The thing I really like about rental cars is that they're smaller and much newer than my own vehicle - when I fly out to a show or series of shows, I travel light - a carry-on suitcase, a briefcase, and my guitar (the only thing I have as checked baggage).

When driving my own vehicle, I invariably end up taking too much stuff along - always seems like a good idea when I start out, but after a few extra trips into hotel rooms, etc…..I carry the equivalent of a miniature pharmacy in my briefcase - herbal, pharmaceutical, vitamins….anything I may need to get me through a rough patch of health while on the road (hopefully rarely necessary)….. and all perfectly legal of course - the strongest thing I indulge in these days is coffee ( and I am very grateful for that….) - after about 30 years on the road, I now have a pretty good idea of what can help to get me through a gig when I'm not feeling well - so many of my musician friends, when we cross paths on the road, are fighting illness - a cold, stomach ailment, or something else - not enough sleep, not eating well enough or at the right time(s) - the road can be challenging to health, and I'm always trying to find a way to stay in a positive and healthy state. Unfortunately, on this trip I have a tooth problem - started on the way to Lockeport - clove to dull the pain, Advil to reduce inflammation and to also dull the pain - my tooth feels very strange - I feel like I could just pull it out (loose and ultimately broken……how did that happen????…..I don't know, but I'm trying to stay cool when it's hurting like hell) - back to the Halifax airport, with a stop in Lunenburg - a quick trip - next one is also a one-off, with the Pikes in Whistler, BC in a week - first stop back in Saskatoon though ….…DENTIST!!!!! Problem will be solved, more gigs will be booked, life is good!!!!! I love playing live music, and I love travelling - I feel very lucky to be able to do both - see you soon!!!!!!

Thanks for your contributions Jay!  We hope you made it home safe and sound and got that tooth back in good shape.  Good luck on the road when your travels resume.

If you missed Jay's first and second "Notes from the Road", take a minute and catch up.
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