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Billy Talent
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    Billy Talent

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    Dead Silence

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    Warner Music Canada

Galaxie Doubles Music Channel Count to 100

Today, Stingray Digital announced that has doubled the number of Galaxie music channels available to Canadians, expanding their their lineup to 100 channels. The expansion includes new channels Canadian Indie and Canadiana, as well as five new multicultural choices and more variety in Galaxie's most popular music genres.

In a press release, Stingray Digital President Eric Boyko says "Our goal is for Galaxie to be the primary source of music for Canadians and to meet the needs of the casual music lover. By doubling the number of channels offered by Galaxie, we are making an already popular service even more appealing to a wider audience, and increasing the relevancy of the service for existing fans."

Earlier this year, AVLA and SOPROQ negotiated Canada's first collective semi-interactive agreement with Stingray Digital, which helped  facilitate the launch of Galaxie Mobile, the first Canadian-owned commercial-free mobile streaming music service.
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  • philippe  Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011
    yes its good
  • holly  Posted: Monday, November 21, 2011
    looking forward to it



FACTS - Gold & Platinum

  • Elton John holds the highest certification for a Single, with Candle In The Wind (Mercury Records) reaching Nineteen Times Platinum status in December 1997.