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Deezer Launches "OPEN DEEZER", an open API for developers

Today, music streaming service Deezer announced 'Open Deezer', an open API for developers. Through the API, developers can create their own apps and services with access to Deezer's 15 million tracks and their metadata, as well as Deezer's user data and its full music streaming technology. Kicking off the announcement, Deezer's CEO Axel Dauchez said: "There are no longer any geographical limits or technological barriers for innovation in Music."

Deezer launched in Canada last month, bringing their international roll-out to 49 countries. The service currently has over 20 million users globally.

In the release, Daniel Marhely, Deezer's Founder and CTO said: "The Deezer Team has constantly been looking to stay ahead technologically: making the product browser-based rather than client-based, going straight for HTML5 and being first to market with streaming apps for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Sonos. But we know we don't have a monopoly on great ideas, and we are thrilled to enable developers worldwide to innovate with us. There is still so much we can create to enhance people's music experience."

Deezer will reward any developer whose creation leads to new customers, by paying a €9,99 reward for any new Premium+ subscribers that sign up via the developer's applications.

Developers can try their hand with Deezer's API by visiting http://developers.deezer.com, with more information available from Deezer Developers' Twitter and Facebook.
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