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Notes from the Road - Steph Macpherson #5

The “Day Off”

Notes from the Road is Music Canada’s artist tour diary. Canadian artists on tour around the world will share their stories of fans, gigs and the “good, bad and the ugly” of touring!

We stayed at the Super 8 in Regina, and left pretty early the next day. Without a show to play that night, we decided to just book it to Edmonton and have a night off to hang out with friends and get a proper sleep.

Our crash pad for our time in Edmonton was my friends’ (Brody/Kevin/Eric/Gordon/Thom) place. They live just off White Ave, and play in a super cool band called Wool on Wolves.

My buddy Alex introduced me to them a couple years back, in Vancouver. They were there recording what they hoped would be their first album, and ended up getting screwed by two “producers” from Burnaby.

They took the experience in stride, though, and have now made an EP, and a full-length album, been named “Best Folk/Roots”, and “Best Group” at the 2011 Edmonton Music Awards.

Alex actually directed this music video for their song "Honeybee"

Also, I got to hang out with them for a whole month, and that was great!

Alex now lives in Edmonton, too.

Alex, Brody, Ryan, Jason and I went to see a show at Wunderbar. Doug Hoyer, Jessica Jalbert, and Liam Trimble were playing.
I took too long getting freshened up/ready after our 8hr drive, so I missed Liam : ( Everyone said he was awesome, though. I’m sorry Liam! Next time I won’t be tardy!!
Jessica Jalbert has a really cool sound. She reminds me a little of Camera Obscura meets Isobel Campbell. Her voice is stunning, and her band was very good, also.
Check out this video/song of hers:

I met Doug Hoyer in 2009 in Kingston, ON. I was touring with Zachary Lucky, and we all played a venue called “The Mansion” together. Apart from it being a great venue, what I remember about the Mansion is that the staircase from the bottom bar to the music venue on the floor above was in a separate structure that resembled an old grain silo or something. You couldn’t bring your drink from the “Living Room” (upstairs) to the “Rec Room” (downstairs) because of some weird issue with there being no liquor license for the staircase, since it was technically not in the building.
So funny.
Really excellent venue, though. Love that place!
Doug is just plain fun to watch. He gets into character and sticks to it. For the Wunderbar show, he was wearing a full white suit, one feather earring, and (ladies?) spectacles.

Ryan and I got a little tipsy and Alex walked us home. That’s what I get for drinking whisky on the rocks, and taking Jager shots.

I guess a drunk-ish evening was due. We’ve been so well-behaved.

A good night was had by all!

Today’s post is brought to you by Jameson; my go-to on rocky shores.

Suggested Twitter Adds: @woolonwolves @jessicajalbert @doughoyer @liamtrimble
Current Location: Edmonton City.
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Steph Macpherson is a Kiwi-Canadian, West-Coast-Canadian-Island-raised, singer-songwriter. Her debut full-length album, Bells and Whistles, was released in April 2012 on Cordova Bay Records. She is currently touring Western Canada.

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